Album – It doesn’t matter if it’s June or July (Limited Edition)


Release: 26.03.2021 - Pre-order possible
Delivery Time: currently not available

Shipping of CDs will start at March 22nd, so that you are able to hold it in your hands at the realease date.


All Songs written by Surfing Horses

Lyrics: Fabian Best and Philip Schohl
Voice and Guitar: Fabian Best
Guitar and Trumpet: Philip Schohl
Bass: David Dressler
Drums: Dominic Schmitt
Keys: Herry Schmitt

Recorded at mefistoH STUDIOS
Recording: Herry Schmitt and Dominic Schmitt
Editing: Dominic Schmitt
Mixing and Mastering: Dominic Schmitt and Herry Schmitt

Photos: Jannis Hinkelmann
Album Design: Dominic Schmitt

Thanks and love for your support and patience: Herry, Jannis, Marco, Jannis, Eva, Kevin, Isi, Josie, our familys and all our friends out there <3


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