The Barn

Who the hell are the guys behind the horsemasks? What kind of sexiness is it, that drives you crazy?

May we present you:

Davelove aka Black Stallion!
The dude with the Bass Guitar brings all his love straight on stage! Good vibes guaranteed!

horses_kammgarn 1


Fabe Horse aka Fabelove
Let me introduce to you! The one and only Fabe Horse. Always funky, always groovy, sickest voice on earth!

19884340_669245263272177_1595236163594437143_n (2)


Drummernic aka The Unicorn
Never Misses a Beat! Groove machine called Drummernic aka Dome Makes you Dance all Night long! A true musician addicted to his drums and music!

horses_kammgarn 6


Phil aka Zebrahead
May I introduce: Phil
Solid Guitar style, sickest dancemoves, 1000% pure stoke on stage!

horses_kammgarn 10